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Current Research Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy & Research is working with its collaborators on a number of projects this year. For a summary of these projects click on the link below.

Ag Grow Agronomy Research Program 2022

More detail on each of these projects follow.

Lime response on acid, low rainfall, sandy soils of southwestern NSW

Collaborating with Jason Condon (CSU), funded by CSUI, Ag Grow Agronomy and GRDC Discussions in Grower Network forums in the GRDC sub-region of Southwest NSW and particularly in the Griffith, Hillston and Lake Cargelligo regions have highlighted the need to understand reports of poor lime responses on acid sandy soils that typically have low organic [...]

Maximising the benefit of early sowing barley and wheat cultivars in low rainfall & high temperature environments

Collaborating with FAR Australia, with funding from FAR Australia, Ag Grow Agronomy and GRDC. The project aims to test the performance of longer season wheat and barley types in cropping regions subject to lower rainfall and higher temperatures. It also aims to establish how newer germplasm and management techniques associated with earlier sowing can be [...]

AGT CoAXium Barley Evaluation Trial

The purpose of this trial is to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of Aggressor Herbicide in CoAXium barley.

UPL – Uplift Market Support Trial

The purpose of this trial is to compare the performance of the foliar fungicide Uplift in wheat at various rates and times.

Syngenta – MIRAVIS Star Efficacy & Competitor comparison trial in pulses

The objective of this trial is to assess the efficacy of MIRAVIS STAR & AMISTAR Xtra compared to other commercial fungicides in pulses in low to medium rainfall environments.

Cargill Canola IMI & TRUFLEX Trial

These trials are designed to compare the performance, in terms of grain yield and quality, of IMI and Truflex canola lines.

Pulse Agronomy Trials

Collaborating with Brill Ag, Grain Orana Alliance and Frontier Farming systems, with funding from GRDC. This is the second year of a 4-year project.  The project aims to get a better understanding of the adaptability of pulse species to the local environments and how to improve production and close the yield gap of the best [...]

CSIRO Long Coleoptile Wheat Trial

This trial is comparing the performance of long coleoptile wheat lines with short coleoptile wheat lines at two sowing depths, shallow (4cm) and deep (12cm). Growing wheats with a longer coleoptile allows you to plant wheat deeper in the soil into moisture from summer rain, allowing early sown crops to get up and out of [...]

Canola OP seed manipulation trials: Improving production of grower retained open pollinated canola seed using agronomic management to increase establishment in MRZ and LRZ of the GRDC Northern Region

Collaborating with NSW DPI, funded by NSW DPI, Ag Grow Agronomy, Grains Orana Alliance and GRDC In its third year, these trials aim to determine the treatment effect on seed size, consistency of seed size and chemical composition. Field trials are being conducted at four locations (Tottenham, Canowindra, Wagga and Griffith) as part of the [...]

Increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region

This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region. This project is a collaboration with NSW DPI. Field trials are being conducted at three locations (Condobolin, Cowra and Griffith) as part of this project.

Pacific Seeds Hyola® TD Innovation Systems Technology Trial

This information will be used to make selection decisions on varieties that offer growers advantages over currently grown varieties and variety progression through the breeding program and commercial release.

LongReach Plant Breeders Dryland & Irrigated Wheat Trials

Collaborating with LongReach Plant Breeders, funded by LongReach These trials compare the performance of wheat lines for yield, grain quality, agronomic attributes and disease reaction for all major production environments in Australia. This information will be used to make selection decisions for progression through the breeding program and commercial release. In addition, this season we […]

Canola Variety Evaluation Trial

Funded by Ag Grow Agronomy, Nuseed, Pioneer Seeds, Advanta Seeds, BASF and AGT These trials aim to compare the performance of potential canola varieties with existing canola varieties commonly grown on dryland in Southern NSW. The trials consist of a Clearfield/Conventional trial, a Glyphosate trial and a Triazine Tolerant (TT) trial. These trials complement existing [...]

Hart Bros Seeds Wheat & Barley Variety Trials

Collaborating with Hart Bros Seeds, funded by Ag Grow and HBS Two sites (dryland and irrigation) comparing the performance of potential wheat and barley varieties with existing varieties commonly grown in SNSW under local irrigated and dryland conditions. These trials complement existing NVT trials. (more…)

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Past Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy and Research has been involved in a number of collaborative projects. Click below to view the reports for these projects.

Ag Grow Agronomy and Research  (for members only)

Client Benchmarking Reports
Client Soil Testing Reports