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Current Research Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy & Research is working with its collaborators on a number of projects this year. For a summary of these projects click on the link below.

Ag Grow Agronomy Research Program 2019

More detail on each of these projects follow.

Increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region

This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region. This project is a collaboration with NSW DPI. Field trials are being conducted at three locations (Condobolin, Cowra and Griffith) as part of this project.

Sandy Soil Validation Trial: Sandy Soil Project CSP00203 Sandy Soil Amelioration & Mitigation Practices

The validation trials are part of the sandy soil project and they aim to validate the outcomes of the Sandy Soils Research Program across the south-eastern region, enabling targeted mitigation/amelioration techniques to be tested or demonstrated to overcome diagnosed primary/secondary constraints on sandy soils. It is a collaboration with the University of South Australia, Mallee Sustainable Farming, PIRSA and […]

Ag Grow Agronomy Wheat Variety Trial

Two wheat variety trials were established by Ag Grow Agronomy at Barellan and Goolgowi in 2019.

Ag Grow Agronomy – Soil wetter – moisture attracting polymers

Conducted at 3 sites (Beelbangera, Barellan and Goolgowi), these trials are looking at innovative ways of getting early sown crops up and out of the ground using polymers that attract moisture to the seed.

Ag Grow Agronomy Nitrogen & Phosphorous nutrition in wheat

Three nitrogen and phosphorous trials were established by Ag Grow Agronomy and Research in 2019.

Syngenta Callisto Trials

As part of this project Ag Grow Agronomy is conducting trials at 3 locations. It is a collaboration with Syngenta. There are a number of treatments at each site comparing Callisto to other products and an untreated control.

InterGrain Irrigated Wheat and Barley Nitrogen Trials

Two separate trials will be conducted for wheat and barley and with varying rates of nitrogen. The aim of these trials is to test the performance of InterGrain wheat and barley varieties, in terms of yield and quality, under high yielding irrigated wheat conditions, targeting 8-10t/ha.

PGR Barley Trials

This trial was set up to determine the effect of plant growth regulators on growth (crop canopy and lodging), grain yield and quality of barley grown under a high yielding situation.

Advanta Seeds – Canola Breeders Trial

This information will be used to make selection decisions on varieties that offer growers advantages over currently grown varieties and variety progression through the breeding program and commercial release.

Arysta LifeScience Seed Treatment Trial

Seed dressings for the control of smuts and bunts are recommended to be applied to all wheat crops prior to sowing. There are a range of seed dressings now available, some of which also suppress a variety of wind or stubble borne diseases.

SARDI Russian Wheat Aphid Trial

Collaborating with SARDI, funded by GRDC. This trial is part of a GRDC funded project which aims to develop economic thresholds for Russian wheat aphid across rainfall zones of the Australian grain industry.

LongReach Plant Breeders Dryland & Irrigated Wheat Trials

Collaborating with LongReach Plant Breeders, funded by LongReach. Two sites (dryland and irrigation) comparing the performance of wheat lines for yield, grain quality, agronomic attributes and disease reaction for all major production environments in Australia. (more…)

Improving Grower Profits through Longer Season Wheat Crops

Collaborating with CWFS, funded by GRDC. Growers in central and southern NSW are interested in sowing wheat earlier than the traditional May sowing window. There are a number of drivers for this change including: 1. Advances in summer fallow management, which have led to improved soil water storage and sowing opportunities (more…)

Canola Variety Evaluation Trial

Funded by Ag Grow Agronomy, Nuseed, Pioneer Seeds, Cargill, Advanta Seeds and BASF. Conducted at 2 sites in 2019, Beelbangera and Barellan, these trial aims to compare the performance of potential canola varieties with existing canola varieties commonly grown on dryland in Southern NSW.  (more…)

Cotton Drift & Herbicide Volatility Demo

AgGrow Agronomy established a Cotton Drift & Herbicide Volatility trial in Griffith NSW. The trial was established using commercial sprayers and potted cotton aiming to test the impact that drift and volatility had on cotton plant health. Download the AgGrow Agronomy Cotton Drift & Herbicide Volatility Trial Report. (more…)

SANDY SOIL PROJECT (3rd Year) – Increasing production on sandy soils: overcoming constraints to poor water use (CSP00203: 2016-2021)

Collaborating with University of South Australia, Mallee Sustainable Farming, PIRSA and CSIRO, funded by Ag Grow Agronomy, CSIRO and GRDC. There is a large yield gap on sandy soils in the low rainfall cropping zone of south-eastern Australia. There are opportunities for the management of primary constraints to crop (more…)

Hart Bros Seeds Wheat & Barley Variety Trials

Collaborating with Hart Bros Seeds, funded by Ag Grow and HBS. Two sites (dryland and irrigation) comparing the performance of potential wheat and barley varieties with existing varieties commonly grown in SNSW under local irrigated and dryland conditions. (more…)

Durum Breeding Variety Trials

Collaborating with Northern durum program, funded by Ag Grow, NSW DPI and GRDC. Two sites (dryland and irrigation). These trials aim to evaluate durum varieties bred specifically for very high (8-10t/ha) yielding irrigation targets for SNSW, and varieties bred with acid soil tolerance in a rain fed environment – both of (more…)

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Past Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy and Research has been involved in a number of collaborative projects. Click below to view the reports for these projects.

Ag Grow Agronomy and Research  (for members only)

Client Benchmarking Reports
Client Soil Testing Reports