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CSIRO Sowing Depth x Genotype and Shoot and Root Vigour Trial

Collaborating with CSIRO, funded by Ag Grow Agronomy and CSIRO. The sowing depth by genotype part of the trial compares the performance of long coleoptile wheat lines with short coleoptile wheat lines at two sowing depths (shallow 4cm and deep 10cm). The genotypes used are from four backgrounds (Mace, Magenta, Yitpi, Scout), with Scepter and Halberd as short and long coleoptile controls, respectively. This coleoptile length study is part of
a national coordinated study for data in early vigour modelling. Growing wheats with a longer coleoptile allow you to plant wheat deeper in the soil into moisture from summer rain, allowing early sown crops to get up and out of the ground.

The shoot and root vigour experiment is looking at the impact of different wheat seed protein concentrations (low vs high protein – 8 to 14%) on early wheat growth, in particular effect on shoot and root growth. This seed protein study is part of a multi-site experiment aimed at assessing the importance of seed nitrogen on early seedling growth.

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