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Latest Research Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy & Research is currently undertaking projects in variety evaluation, crop nutrition, stubble management and herbicide evaluation.

Practices which promote successful early sowing opportunities in south western NSW

This project is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, through funding from Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Conducted at 2 sites (Beelbangera and Hillston), these trials are looking at innovative ways of getting early sown crops up and out of the ground using polymers that attract moisture to the seed. Treatments [...]

Ag Grow Agronomy Deep P Trials

Two deep phosphorous trials were established by Ag Grow Agronomy and Research in 2020, at Beelbangera and Hillston. These trials are aimed at validating existing phosphorous (P) recommendations in terms of P rate and P placement. The trials include 6 different MAP rates from 0 to 200 kg MAP/ha placed at 2 depths, with the [...]

Corteva Rexade Trials

Rexade is a valuable herbicide for controlling brome grass and group A resistant wild oats in the region covered by Ag Grow Agronomy and Research, and is widely used for this purpose. These trials aim to better understand the crop damage occurring from using Rexade and ways to manage it, particularly on acid soils, and [...]