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Latest Research Projects

Ag Grow Agronomy & Research is currently undertaking projects in variety evaluation, crop nutrition, stubble management and herbicide evaluation.

Pulse Agronomy Trials

Collaborating with Brill Ag, Grain Orana Alliance and Frontier Farming systems, with funding from GRDC. This is the first year of a 4-year project with trials in 2021 including: Pulse Variety Trials - evaluating pulse crop type performance Rhizobia Trials – evaluating nitrogen fixation in pulses, comparing N x rhizobium species P management Trials – [...]

CSIRO Long Coleoptile Wheat Trial

This trial is comparing the performance of long coleoptile wheat lines with short coleoptile wheat lines at two sowing depths, shallow (4cm) and deep (12cm). Growing wheats with a longer coleoptile allows you to plant wheat deeper in the soil into moisture from summer rain, allowing early sown crops to get up and out of [...]

Syngenta Crown Rot Trial

Crown rot has increased in southern NSW, due to the increased intensity of crop rotations and the increased adoption of no-till farming practices. Varietal resistance and tolerance to crown rot is limited. Seed treatments are available for controlling seed and soil borne diseases. Some treatments also have the added benefit of helping to manage crown [...]

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