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Sandy Soil Validation Trial: Sandy Soil Project CSP00203 Sandy Soil Amelioration & Mitigation Practices

The validation trials are part of the sandy soil project and they aim to validate the outcomes of the Sandy Soils Research Program across the south-eastern region, enabling targeted mitigation/ amelioration techniques to be tested or demonstrated to overcome diagnosed primary/secondary constraints on sandy soils.

It is a collaboration with the University of South Australia, Mallee Sustainable Farming, PIRSA and CSIRO.

The trial at Monia Gap is looking at the use of deep cultivation approaches, including the use of a spader, on sand hills to provide better crop uniformity and performance as well as the impact of gypsum and manure on crop performance, in addition to cultivation alone.

Treatments include:
1. Control (district practice)
2. Ripped (60-70cm) and levelled
3. Spaded
4. Spading plus 1.5 t/ha Gypsum
5. Spading plus 2.5 t/ha Manure
6. Spading plus 2.5 t/ha Manure & 1.5 t/ha Gypsum

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