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Increasing the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region

This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region. This project is a collaboration with NSW DPI.

Field trials are being conducted at three locations (Condobolin, Cowra and Griffith) as part of this project. Our site will host 2 trials.

1. Elite advanced SA strains: Four elite advanced rhizobia strains, two from SARDI (SRDI969, SRDI970) and two from Murdoch University (WSM1483 and WSM4643) will be compared to the current Group E (SU303) and Group F (WSM1455) commercial strains with a nil inoculant treatment included as a control at Griffith, Condobolin and Cowra. The Griffith site will be testing these strains on lentils, field peas and vetch.

2. Herbicide screen: The aim of this trial is to to assess the impact of 10 herbicides commonly used in the growing season or for summer weed control on pulse nodulation. The herbicides will be applied in the fallow in 2019 and then sown with pulse (chickpea and lentils) in 2020.

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