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Improving Grower Profits through Longer Season Wheat Crops

Collaborating with CWFS, funded by GRDC.

Growers in central and southern NSW are interested in sowing wheat earlier than the traditional May sowing window. There are a number of drivers for this change including:
1. Advances in summer fallow management, which have led to improved soil water storage and sowing opportunities
2. Declining frequency and magnitude of traditional autumn breaks and winter rainfall but some increase in summer rain
3. Improvements in no-till seeding technology, with greater moisture seeking abilities and more accurate seed placement
4. An increase in farm size and sowing programs which have lengthened the sowing program for many growers
5. Improved understanding of pre-emergent herbicide use in early sowing

The project aims to increase farmer and advisor confidence to further develop profitable and sustainable farming enterprises based on maximising varietal choice and early sowing window options.

There are two trials at Beelbangera in 2019 – a long season wheat variety x time of sowing trial and a long season wheat seeding rate x variety x time of sowing trial.

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