Consulting Agronomy

Independent Agronomic Advice.

As part of our farm consulting and agronomy package, Ag Grow Agronomy and Research develops annual cropping plans, tailored to the individual needs of clients; regular crop monitoring, which allows the appropriate response to any issues arising during the season and business evaluation and review, through benchmarking against other clients.

Recommendations are developed electronically, through AgWorld, with a copy electronically sent to the client. 

Information, such as seasonal updates, pest and disease alerts and trial results, are delivered to clients through regular email newsletters, pre-season meetings, seminars, farm walks, field days and detailed trial reports.


  • Ag Grow Agronomy and Research collaborates with a number of organisations and farming groups on various projects


  • Barry Haskins 0427 007 418
  • Rachael Whitworth 0437 214 426

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